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Using Oyster on Abellio Greater Anglia

Oyster Card logoOn Abellio Greater Anglia services, you can use an Oyster card to pay as you go for travel anywhere in the area shown on the map.

Greater Anglia Oyster Routes

Pay as you go on Oyster 

You can also travel onwards to any station on the London Underground or Docklands Light Railway using Pay as you go.  In addition you can use Pay as you go to any other National Rail station within Zones 1-6 and to Watford Junction and Grays (except between Hayes & Harlington and Heathrow and on the High Speed line between Stratford International and St Pancras). 

Pay as you go is also valid on London Buses throughout London and on the London Tramlink system in south London.

To use Pay as you go on Oyster you need to have a valid Oyster card. These are available from the stations in bold above, or from a London Underground station, for a deposit of £5.00.  You then need to put a cash balance on the card to cover the cost of the journeys you wish to make.  You can top up an Oyster card balance at ticket offices at the stations shown in bold on the above map.  Ticket machines at all stations on the map (except Emerson Park and Angel Road) will also top up Oyster cards.

You can register your Oyster card which ensures that if you lose it, the card can be cancelled so that balance cannot be used.  When you get a replacement card, the balance will be replaced for you.  Please ask at any station shown in bold above.

You must touch in at the start of your journey, by placing your Oyster card on the yellow card reader, either at the ticket barrier or, if there is no barrier line, at the entrance to the station platform. An entry charge, representing the maximum Oyster rail-only fare from that station, is deducted from your cash balance when you touch in. When you complete your journey you must touch out of the Oyster system at the Oyster reader on exit.  At this point the card balance is adjusted so that you have paid only the advertised fare.

Pay as you go fares are charged in two price bands:

  • Peak - on weekdays between 0630 and 0930 and between 1600 and 1900;
  • Off-Peak - at all other times including all day at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

Please note that whether a fare is charged as peak or off-peak depends on when you touch in with your Oyster card, not when the train departs.

Pay as you go fares are charged according to the number of zones that you travel through.  If you travel to or through Zone 1 and use the London Underground as well as National Rail, a higher fare scale applies.  If you travel across London to a station on the far side of the city, for example Cheshunt (Zone 8) to Kingston (Zone 6), you pay the same fare as from Cheshunt to Zone 1, including the Underground, as all the zones you pass through on the way out to Kingston have already been paid for on the way into London.

A daily price cap applies to all journeys made using Pay as you go within one day, and up to 0429 the next morning.  If you touch in between 0430 and 0930 on a weekday, all your Pay as you go journeys count towards the peak cap.  If you touch in after 0930 or at any time at weekends or on a Bank Holiday, all your Pay as you go journeys count towards the off-peak cap.

Peak and Off-Peak caps cover journeys made in the following zones:

  • 1-2
  • 1-4
  • 1-6
  • 1-9

Caps from Brentwood, Broxbourne and Shenfield are individually priced.

Full details of Oyster Pay as you go fares and price caps are on the Transport for London site at http://www.tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/ticket-types.


  • Remember to touch in and touch out when using Oyster pay as you go otherwise a maximum Oyster fare will be charged and in addition you could get a penalty fare.
  • Oyster pay as you go can be purchased and topped up at the stations printed in bold.
  • You can also top up your Oyster card at the ticket machines at all stations on the above map except Angel Road and Emerson Park.

Travelcards on Oyster

If you travel regularly in the above area and use other modes of transport such as the London Underground, you can buy a Travelcard season ticket and put this on an Oyster card. 

Travelcard season tickets are available on Oyster for all combinations of zones within Zones 1-6 (you must have a minimum of two adjacent zones), and also on selected zonal combinations to central London from stations outside Zones 1-6 (Shenfield, Brentwood, Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross and Theobalds Grove).

Oyster Travelcards are available in weekly, monthly and annual periods.  You can also have a Travelcard for any period from one month to one year.

If you commute on Abellio Greater Anglia services only, a traditional point-to-point rail-only paper season ticket may be a cheaper option.

Combining Travelcards and Pay as you go on Oyster

If you hold a Travelcard on Oyster and wish to travel to a station outside the zones for which it is valid, but still within the Oyster area, you can put a Pay as you go balance on your Oyster card as well as the Travelcard to cover the additional zones that you wish to travel through.

For example if you have a Zones 1-4 Travelcard on your Oyster card and wish to go to from Seven Sisters (Zone 3) to Cheshunt (Zone 8), you must touch in when you start your journey at Seven Sisters and touch out at Cheshunt.  You will be charged the Oyster rail-only single fare (peak or off-peak) from Zone 5 to Zone 8. 

If you do not touch in where you start your journey, even if it is within the zonal validity of your Oyster card, and then travel outside the zones that you have on Oyster, when you touch out the system will not know where you started your journey and will charge you the maximum fare.  You may also be liable to pay a Penalty fare.

Travelling outside the Oyster area with an Oyster card

Pay as you go

If you are travelling from within the Oyster area to an Abellio Greater Anglia station outside the Oyster area (e.g. Chelmsford or Harlow Town), you cannot use your Oyster card to make a Pay as you go journey.  There are no Oyster readers at stations outside the Oyster area, so there is nowhere for you to touch out.  Therefore the system cannot calculate the correct fare to charge you. If you arrive at a station outside the Oyster area with only an Oyster card which has been touched in, then

  • You will have paid the maximum entry charge from the station where you touched in.  As there is nowhere to touch out, this charge will remain deducted from your card balance.
  • You will not have a valid ticket for the journey that you have made, so you will either have to purchase a ticket or be liable to pay a Penalty Fare.

If you wish to travel part of the way using Oyster Pay as you go, you will have to leave the train at the station to where you wish to use Pay as you go, touch out at the yellow reader at the barrier, then re-enter the station using a paper ticket to your onward destination. 

Travelcard on Oyster

If you have a Travelcard on Oyster valid for a certain number of zones and wish to travel to a station outside the Oyster area, then you must buy a paper extension ticket (single or return) from the zonal boundary to your destination.  You must buy this from the ticket office at your station of departure before travel.  Extension tickets are not available from the ticket machines.

Only if the ticket office is closed are you able to travel without having purchased an extension ticket.  You must buy the extension ticket at the first opportunity (you do not need to break your journey additionally to buy the extension but you do need to buy the ticket at the first open ticket office that you pass, or from the first ticket inspector that you see).

This also applies to extension tickets to paper Travelcards.

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