Customer Panels

Abellio Greater Anglia have two Customer Panels to represent the views of regular customers on our services. The Customer Panels members have been recruited to represent the two halves of our business: the West Panel will be looking after the West Anglia services (London to Stansted / Cambridge and branch lines), whilst the East Panel concentrates on the Great Eastern Mainline route (London to Southend, Southminster, Clacton, Walton, Ipswich, Norwich and all branch lines).

Customer Panels members

East Panel - Andrew, David, Gordon, Hugh, Neal, Peter, Rosie, Sarah, and Stephen
West Panel - Anthony, David, Dian, Emily, Gavin, Helen, Julia, Jon, Gordon

The Panels are made up of a cross-section of customers from each route to provide a two-way communication channel, to gather feedback on our services, and to listen to suggestions and ideas from our customers through Panel members. The Panels meet alternate months and are supported by managers from Abellio Greater Anglia who can provide an overview of key issues and discuss topical subjects.

If you have bright ideas or suggestions for improvements that you would like the Panel to discuss, please email your thoughts to, entering East or West in the title as appropriate. Emails referring to train punctuality, delays, ticket prices, or other general comments/complaints should be sent to our Contact Centre (at in the usual way.

Dates of 2016 meetings

East panel meetings West panel meetings
19 Jan 19 Jan
15 Mar 27 Apr
17 May 16 Aug
20 Sept Franchise ends on 16th October 2016

Terms of reference

Abellio Greater Anglia Customer Panel Terms of Reference (PDF file)

Minutes of Customer Panels Meetings

Minutes are subject to Panel Member approval at the next meeting.

To access the full archive of meeting minutes, please click here