Cambridge Cycle Point

CyclePoint opens its doors for the first time on February 15 2016, providing safe and secure parking in the largest facility of its type at a UK rail station. With on-site maintenance, cycle hire and a cycle shop all under one roof, this innovative project is the culmination of a programme of design, collaboration and construction between ourselves and partners, Network Rail, developers Brookgate and teams of contractors.

CyclePoint will open in three phases, the first providing parking for more than 1500 cycles on the ground and first floor from 15 February. In March, the second floor will open, bringing CyclePoint up to full capacity. The final  phase will see the opening of the cycle shop, in March or April.

On completion, the CyclePoint will provide parking for over 2850 cycles over three floors, will be free to use, open 24/7 and feature state of the art CCTV and customer help points.

Look out for a special flyer coming soon on how to use your new CyclePoint.

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Easy, convenient, free!

CyclePoint provides parking for over 2850 cycles across 3 floors, in a mix of two-tier racks and Sheffield stands.

Access between the floors is by a shallow-stepped cycle ramp from the front entrance, with a separate pedestrian exit giving direct access to the Station Square and the station itself.

All three floors are covered by an extensive CCTV system, which can be monitored from the station and will provide recorded images to prosecution standard. Help points will also be located on each floor, connected to the Communications Centre in the station.

CyclePoint will be open round the clock, 7 days a week, to allow cyclists arriving on the last trains or departing on the first trains the following morning plenty of time to access their bikes. CCTV and security inspections will continue to monitor the facility throughout the night. Furthermore, all parking within CyclePoint will be free of charge to the user.

Transition from Temporary Parking

From 0600 on Monday February 15th, the CyclePoint will be open, and access to the temporary cycle park will be for collection of cycles only.

Please assist the smooth transition to the new facility by removing your cycle from the temporary racks by Sunday 14 February.

The temporary cycle park will close at 2200 on Monday 15 February. Any cycles remaining after that time will be removed by Abellio Greater Anglia and stored for a further week before disposal through the OWL charity. They may be reclaimed during this time by application at the station Customer Service desk.

Using CyclePoint

The main entrance to CyclePoint will be located on the west side of the building, opposite the new Northern Access Road. Approach routes will be the same as those currently in operation to the temporary parking area. Two wide entrances provide access to a dismount area at the foot of the stepped ramps up to the first floor. As indicated below, the ground floor will be largely reserved for those with special parking requirements, so the majority of users will proceed up the ramp to the higher floors. Each ramp has four parallel wheeling channels (two up and two down).

Each floor has a different colour scheme and each row of stands is numbered to allow customers to easily locate their bikes on return. Customers will leave the CyclePoint by the pedestrian staircase at the south-east corner of the building, which leads down to Station Square, near the temporary ticket office. On their return, access is via the pedestrian staircase and exit via the stepped ramps. Help points will be located on all floors.

Click here to see directions to access the CyclePoint

Special Users

Areas of the ground floor will be reserved for ‘out of gauge’ cycles, and for those who find use of the stairs difficult. If you do not specifically require these facilities, please continue up the access ramp to the general parking areas on the first and second floors. Specific cycle parking for hotel staff is also provided in a dedicated area at the rear of the ground floor, as required by the planning consent.


Two-tier racks will be provided by Falco UK, comprised entirely of their FalcoLevel Premium + product, which is widely used in the Netherlands and other parts of the UK, and has attained the Dutch national ‘FietsParkur’ standard for secure cycle parking. Falco will also provide the Sheffield stands, which will be distributed across all three floors.

Over the next few months

Abellio Greater Anglia’s contractors have been working hard on the fit-out of the CyclePoint since the shell of the facility was handed over by Brookgate’s contractor Galliford Try in November. Galliford Try will continue to work on the external cladding of the building, which also includes the Ibis hotel, over the initial few months of operation of the CyclePoint. It is expected that the hotel will be completed in June of this year, which will then allow all the scaffolding to be removed and the full benefits of the building to be achieved. This means that for the first few months of operation, access to and from CyclePoint will be through temporary access tunnels in the external scaffolding of the building.

Everything you need at Rutland Cycling

We are pleased to announce that major cycle retailer Rutland Cycling has secured the tenancy for the CyclePoint shop. Fit-out of the retail area has commenced, and the shop will open on a date to be confirmed in the Spring. Rutland will offer cycle and accessory sales, maintenance and cycle hire from their area within CyclePoint, which occupies around half of the ground floor. With their recent investment in the Station Cycles business at three locations within the Greater Cambridge area, Rutland is well placed to offer a comprehensive service to all  cyclists.