Lost Property

Have you lost your bag?

There is nothing worse than leaving things behind. We want to reunite our passengers with their lost or mislaid items as quickly as possible.

If you think that you’ve left something on one of our trains or at one of our stations, contact us and we’ll search all of the items handed in.

To report a lost item either:

When you report a piece of lost property, there are a few things that will help us try and track down your things. The following details would therefore be really useful:

  • Your departure and destination stations
  • The time of your journey
  • A good description of your lost item including size, color, make and any distinguishing features
  • Where on the train you left the item
  • Your name and contact number

Picking up your items

If you are able to collect your item within 24 hours of it being found, then there’ll be no charge for its return. However, if the retrieval of your Lost Property is after that initial period of time, then there will be a charge based on the type of item. These have been set within guidelines agreed by all train operators. Charges are as follows:

Band Charge Item(s)
A £20 Laptops, video cameras and palm held PCs
B £10 Mobile phones, pagers and MP3 players and CD players
C £3 Skis, surfboards, musical instruments, jewellery, watches, cameras, cycles, luggage, suitcases, briefcases, clothing items and rucksacks
D £2 Umbrellas, spectacles, keys, prams/pushchairs, books, filofaxes, hats, gloves, scarves and all other items not listed

Charges for storage of lost property 

£1 per 24hr period
Laptop Computers, Video Cameras, Mobile Telephones, Pagers, Compact CD Players, Skis, Surfboards, Prams/Pushchairs, Cycles
50p per 24hr period
Jewellery Items, Watches, Cameras, Clothing Items, Suitcases, Rucksacks, Briefcases, Filofaxes, Musical Instruments, Umbrellas, Gloves/Scarves/Hats, Spectacles, Keys, Reading Books, All Other Items

To protect the owner/finder from incurring storage and retrieval charges out of proportion to the value of the item, the total charge must reflect the item value as follows: 

For items within Bands A & B - total charge not to exceed £25 
For items within Band  C - total charge not to exceed £15
For items within Band  D - total charge not to exceed £5

Lost property into London Liverpool Street station

Any lost property found on trains arriving into London Liverpool Street will be handled by the Excess Baggage Company. The Excess Baggage Company office is located near platform 10 at London Liverpool Street station and is open Monday to Friday 0700 to 2300, Monday to Sunday. There will be a fee to reclaim your luggage.

You can also report your lost property to the Excess Baggage Company online. Simply fill in the online form and the Lost Property office will contact you if there’s a possible match to any of the bags handed in.

This service is run by Network Rail. For further information regarding lost property with the Excess Baggage Company call +44 (0)20 7247 4297