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Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

Save by travelling outside busy commuter times

If you’re planning to travel during quieter times of day then one of our range of Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak tickets can offer great savings over our Anytime tickets. If you're travelling in a group of 3 to 9 people, our GroupSave discount makes these tickets even cheaper!

Choose the ticket that suits you best from the following range:

Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns

Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns are available on Abellio Greater Anglia’s routes south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge, plus on many shorter-distance journeys in other areas. 

They can be used on the date shown on the ticket between two named stations during Off-Peak hours on Monday to Friday or at any time at weekends and on bank holidays. Time restrictions apply on weekday mornings. Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns, even on journeys to or from London, have no evening restrictions.

First Class Off-Peak Day Returns are also available on journeys to and from London from stations south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge which offer great value First Class travel at off-peak times. Morning restrictions are the same as the equivalent Standard Class ticket. There are no evening peak restrictions on these tickets. From stations north of Ipswich (inclusive) the First Class Off-Peak Return is available; please see below.

The table below gives full details of time restrictions to and from London.


Super Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns

Super Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns are widely available on Abellio Greater Anglia’s routes south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge.

They can be used between two named stations during Super Off-Peak hours Monday to Friday or at any time at weekends and on bank holidays, on the date shown on the ticket. On journeys to and from London, morning and evening restrictions apply on weekdays. Super Off-Peak tickets for journeys that do not involve London are generally available on weekdays after 12.00 with no evening restrictions. 

The table below gives details of time restrictions to and from London.


Off-Peak/Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards

An Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard (from outside Greater London) offers you a day return to London combined with unlimited use of the London Underground, London Overground, almost all other National Rail services within Greater London, all scheduled London Buses, the London Tramlink system in south London and the DLR (Docklands Light Railway).

Valid for the date shown on the ticket, the Off-Peak Day Travelcard is available for travel from all Abellio Greater Anglia stations. On weekdays, Off-Peak Day Travelcards are valid on any train scheduled to arrive in London Liverpool Street after 10.00. On journeys back to all stations except those north of Ipswich (inclusive), Off-Peak Day Travelcards do not have evening peak restrictions.

On journeys back to Ipswich and beyond only, to ensure a comfortable journey on our main line services for peak time travellers, Off-Peak Day Travelcards have evening restrictions - you cannot travel on trains due to leave London Liverpool Street between 16.29 and 18.34 and Stratford between 16.36 and 18.41. These evening peak restrictions are however lifted during school holiday and half-term periods.

Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards are available from stations outside Greater London and south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge inclusive.  Morning and evening restrictions apply on weekdays. They are valid on any train scheduled to arrive in London Liverpool Street after 12.00, returning on any train apart from those scheduled to depart Liverpool Street between 15.59 and 19.01.

At weekends and on bank holidays Super Off-Peak Travelcards are valid at any time.

Off-Peak Family Travelcards, for adults and children travelling together, are also available from stations south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge. They have the same morning restrictions as Off-Peak Day Travelcards and are unrestricted on the return journey from London.

The table below gives details of time restrictions.


Off-Peak Singles and Returns (valid for 1 month)

Off-Peak Singles and Returns are available on Abellio Greater Anglia’s routes for longer distance journeys. They can be used between two named stations during Off-Peak hours on Mondays to Fridays or at any time at weekends and on bank holidays. Off-Peak Single tickets and the outward part of Off-Peak Return tickets are valid on the date shown on the ticket. The return part of an Off-Peak ticket is valid for one calendar month from the date shown on the ticket. 

First Class Off-Peak Returns are also available from stations north of Ipswich (inclusive) to Stratford and London and on other selected main line journeys. From stations south of Ipswich the First Class Off-Peak Day Return is available (see above).

Off-Peak Singles and Returns (Standard and First Class) to, from and via London have morning and evening peak restrictions. For journeys that do not pass through London, Off-Peak Singles and Returns generally have morning restrictions only, however please check for the journey you wish to make.

Off-Peak evening restrictions from London Liverpool Street are lifted during school holidays and half-term weeks, including over the Christmas period. 

The table shown below gives details of restrictions.


When are Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets valid?

Off-peak, Off-Peak Day and Super Off-Peak Day tickets (including First Class versions and Day Travelcards) to and from London* are valid at the following times:

  Arriving into London* Departing from London* Exceptions
Morning (Monday–Friday)

Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day:
not to arrive Liverpool St before 10.00

Super Off-Peak Day:
not to arrive Liverpool St before 12.00
(Stratford, 11.52)

Off-Peak (valid for 1 month);
not to leave Liverpool St before 09.30 (Stratford, 09.38; Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale, 09.40)

Off-Peak Day:
not before 09.30 from all stations

Super Off-Peak Day:
not before 12.00 from Liverpool St
(Stratford, 12.07)

Evening (Monday–Friday) No restrictions

Off-Peak (valid for 1 month): 
not to leave Liverpool St between 16.29-18.34 (Stratford, 16.36-18.41; Tottenham Hale, 16.41-18.40; Seven Sisters, 16.45-18.49)

Off-Peak Day:
no restrictions**

Super Off-Peak Day:
not to leave Liverpool St between 15.59-19.01 (Stratford: 16.06-19.08)

Off-Peak (valid for 1 month) tickets are permitted at certain times at the beginning and end of the evening peak to stations on the Felixstowe, Sudbury and Braintree branch lines; please ask for full details.

During school holidays and half-term weeks, including the Christmas and New Year period, evening restrictions on all Off-Peak tickets are lifted.  Restrictions remain in force on Super Off-Peak tickets.

Weekends and Bank Holidays No restrictions No restrictions  

*Please note that ‘London’ includes Liverpool Street, Stratford, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale and intermediate stations such as Hackney Downs. Unless specified, restrictions from stations other than Liverpool Street are determined by when the service arrives at or departs from Liverpool Street (or Stratford where trains start and finish there).

**Off-Peak Day Travelcards from stations north of Ipswich (inclusive) have the same evening restrictions as Off-Peak (1 month) returns (not valid on trains leaving between 16.29 and 18.34 from London, and other stations as shown in the table).

Tickets which do not involve travel to, from or via central London are generally restricted in the morning period only. Typically, Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day tickets are valid after 08.45 or 09.00 outside Greater London, and after 09.30 for journeys outwards from the London suburbs, and Super Off-Peak Day tickets are valid after 12.00. Please enquire as to the exact validity of tickets for the journey you intend to make.

If you’re unsure, it’s always recommended to check with the ticket office or the Abellio Greater Anglia Contact Centre on 0345 600 7245.

Buy your Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak train ticket now


Simply enter your journey details into the ‘buy train tickets’ search engine to find any Off-Peak fares available.

You can receive your tickets by First Class post (please allow five days for delivery); or collect your pre-paid tickets from ticket vending machines (TVMs) at participating stations.

Over the phone

Booking tickets over the phone couldn’t be easier. Simply call the Abellio Greater Anglia Contact Centre on 0345 600 7245.

From Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at participating stations

The TVMs sell a range of tickets for popular destinations for immediate use and accept most credit/ debit cards as well as cash. Check your journey times and individual ticket restrictions when purchasing your ticket to be sure that it is valid for your planned train.

From station ticket offices

You can buy the full range of tickets from staffed ticket offices. Our ticket offices will accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, National Rail vouchers and rail warrants.

View the ticket office opening hours here.

Using Oyster

You can use Oyster with a Travelcard or to Pay as you go on all National Rail services within the London Fare Zones where Travelcards are accepted. To use Oyster Pay as you go, you must touch in at the start of your journey and touch out at the end.

In addition, we have extended acceptance of Oyster to Shenfield, Broxbourne and intermediate stations.

On paytrains

Abellio Greater Anglia operate a number of paytrain services, where tickets have to be bought from the conductor on board the train.

These are clearly marked in our timetables and are generally on local services around Norwich and Ipswich, also the lines from Sudbury to Marks Tey, Manningtree to Harwich and Wickford to Southminster.

Please note that if the conductors debit / credit card machine is not working then you will need another method in which to pay for your ticket.

From newsagents and travel agents

Some travel agents also sell National Rail tickets. In the London area many newsagents sell and top up Oyster Cards for travel within London (www.tfl.gov.uk); London Underground also sell these tickets.

Contact us

If you’re having any trouble booking tickets visit our contact us page for further details on how to get in touch - our trained staff can always find the best ticket for you.

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