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Cycling with Abellio Greater Anglia

Cycling with Greater Anglia

At Abellio Greater Anglia, we welcome cyclists using our rail network

We are committed to improving cycle parking facilities at stations across our franchise area, to make it easier for travellers to use their bikes to get to and from the station.

In certain locations, we will offer enhanced facilities, such as secure compounds, and at selected stations we can offer cycle maintenance, cycle advice and cycle hire services, too. Wherever practical, we will accommodate bicycles on trains, but there are limits to the available space on trains and on some routes at peak times (notably those serving London and Cambridge on weekdays), we are only able to accept folding bikes.

Further information about cycling across our network

Man stood with Bike waiting to get on a train

Using your bicycle on Abellio Greater Anglia

Guidance for parking your bike at our stations and taking it on board Abellio Greater Anglia services.

CyclePoint at Chelmsford station

Cycling Facilities across our network

Information about different types of cycle parking available at our stations.

Cycling facilities map

Investment and improvement to your cycle facilities

A map of your network showing planned and delivered investments to cycle facilities

Two people on Bike & Go hired bikes

Bike & Go - bike hire from Abellio Greater Anglia stations

Bike & Go is an ingenious new scheme that lets you hire a bike from participating train stations.

Cycle hire Norwich

Cycle Hire at Norwich Station

Cycle Station is an innovative step towards encouraging people to explore the East of England by Train and Bicycle.