Delay Repay

If you are delayed you may be entitled to compensation

At Abellio Greater Anglia, we’re always aiming to give you the most punctual service possible. However, we appreciate that occasionally delays happen and that this can be inconvenient for you.

Our Delay Repay scheme helps rail users claim compensation if they’ve been delayed for over 30 minutes.

How much are you entitled to?

The level of this depends on the length of the delay, as follows:

  • 30-59 minutes delay entitles you to compensation to the value of 50% of the cost of a Single ticket or 50% of the cost of either the outward or return portion of a Return ticket as appropriate; for season tickets and weekly tickets, compensation will be calculated as a proportion of the daily cost of the price of the ticket
  • For delays of over 60 minutes the amount of compensation is doubled to 100% of the cost of the Single ticket or either portion of the Return ticket

How will you receive compensation?

Compensation is available either as National Rail Travel Voucher or by cheque. Our online and paper forms, as well as the downloadable format enable you to select how you would like to receive compensation. Please tick the appropriate box. National Rail Travel Vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be used to buy tickets from any National Rail company.

Season Direct customers will be compensated through their Season Direct account.

We’ll also introduce further compensation arrangements for season ticket holders during periods of sustained poor performance. Sustained poor performance is when more than 12 days (out of the 20 working days per 28-day period) of your journeys are affected by disruption under the Delay Repay scheme.

Are you eligible?

Everyone who’s been delayed for over 30 minutes, for any reason, could be eligible for compensation. There are, however, a few things to check before making a claim, these include:

  • Original tickets (not copies) for your journey, including 7 day tickets must be sent with all claims. The only exception to this is season ticket holders, although you may be required to send a copy of your season ticket'
  • All claims must be made within 28 days of the delay
  • We’ll not normally accept a claim if you were advised in advance of your journey that there would be a delay
  • In the event that an emergency timetable is introduced, compensation entitlements will be based on that emergency timetable

How do you make a claim?

  • You can pick up a claim form at staffed stations, on staffed trains, or by printing off a
    PDF version of the delay repay form
    . When we experience times of severe disruption we’ll do our best to advise you about the process and provide claim forms.
  • Post the completed form to us at:

    Abellio Greater Anglia Contact Centre
    Norwich Railway Station
    Station Approach
    NR1 1EF

Annual & Monthly Season Ticket Holders may alternatively choose to claim by completing our online form. Please complete all the fields within the form. Once submitted your claim will be processed in line with our usual compensation system. Please ensure that you only submit one form for your delayed journey.

If you have a mobile ticket, call our Customer Relations team on 0345 600 7245, who will check your booking and advise on what you need to do to claim. 

When making a claim please note that:

  • Sending Abellio Greater Anglia a completed form does not guarantee compensation, or create any new legal relationship with you as a result of what we say we will do, nor does it affect your legal rights
  • These rights are set out in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage
  • You must take care when completing the claim form. Abellio Greater Anglia has an established monitoring system for checking information provided to validate a claim
  • Your application form should reach us within 28 days of the date of the incident
  • We aim to respond within 15 days

If you have any questions about the Delay Repay scheme, simply contact our Abellio Greater Anglia Contact Centre via this website, by telephone on 0345 600 7245 or by post